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A Critical Misconception That Prevents Proper Animal Removal

Since we live in a society that desires everything quick and easy, we’re used to rapid resolutions to most problems. In the trapping world, however, speed is scarce.

Property owners often believe getting rid of a nuisance animal is a simple weekend chore that only requires setting up a trap. The misconception is you’ll then catch the animal in a day or two – or even week.

Keep in mind, wildlife works at its own pace. Proper trapping requires skill, a good eye to inspect and locate entry points, and patience. A reputable trapper will explain the entire process and keep you up to date at all times.

In some cases, dishonest trappers will attempt to speed things up by using illegal-sized traps. They will also avoid checking traps every 24 hours or rely on clients to watch traps and call if something is caught.

If you hire a trapper, you should never be required to monitor traps on your property. Also, demand your trapper revisit your traps every 24 hours because bait becomes stale and loses its ability to lure animals.

When a trapper is onsite every day, he can learn more about a nuisance animal’s activities and habits. These lessons sometimes lead to adjustments in a trap’s location, which often result in a quicker capture.

The following 5 questions will help ensure you hire a professional and humane trapper to resolve your next nuisance animal situation:

1.    Is the nuisance trapper licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (nuisance licensed)?

2.    Does the nuisance trapper carry a Department of Environmental Conservation Trapping License?
3.    Is the nuisance trapper fully insured?
4.    How long has the nuisance trapper been in business?
5.    Is the nuisance trapper the owner or an employee?

If you have additional animal removal or trapping questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (585) 624-1374 or use the Ask a Question form.

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Hello world!

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